There has never been an ‘attractive’ artistic term to describe the finished article of Shoreart items.

3d?, paintings?, seashore?, shoreline?, installation?, collage?, montage?, picture?, realist?, – it sits across a number of differing terms and descriptions!

For the current purposes of description i am willing to call them ‘pictures’!

When conceived, there was a determination to recreate, to as high a standard as possible, the view of the seabed as seen through water at the shoreline – in as many differing guises as plausible.

Acquiring the natural and recycled items was just a matter of looking and seeking whatever came upon me, as i walked the shorelines of (mostly) Britain. The beaches and shores are an incredible source of an unimaginable number of natural and man-made items; some weathered and beaten, others freshly ‘minted’, and there is no hiding the fact that our shores are now, sadly, covered in a vast crust of human detritus.

A crying shame……. and when i come across rubbish i collect and dispose of in the correct place.

Crab shells have become a dominant feature and calling card on all the ‘pictures’, not easily found, nor collected – you seem to need to be in the right place at the right time when they discard their carapace for a new shell during the year.

Imagination is a key element to the creation of the pictures – many are as real as can be; others are a contemporary design that features various natural elements.