A thinly disguised slab of things i done, with bits and pieces from various festivals i have engaged in.

Jersey Festival of World Music

(Formerly the Jersey Folk Festival)

198? – 2002

P.A.Hire , Director

Jersey Festival of World Music

“One of the principal aims of the Jersey Festival of World Music is to attract musicians and entertainers from across the world to share their musical heritage and broaden the outlook of music to an audience of all age groups.”

Here i did firstly sound from 1992….. then took over the directorship, with great help from Louise Jackson in 1998 /9 from the sadly missed Gerry Jackson.

Based initially in various pubs on the island, it eventually became centred on the Pomme ‘d Or’ hotel (via The Merton hotel) in central St Helier. Various other venues were used alongside, The Tipsy Toad, St James and the streets. A very successful festival, attracting artists and audiences from all over the world, it was stamped out by ‘politics’ and a completely hopeless understanding of how festivals work. Don’t start me – it was a complete travesty – and many felt it’s demise was underhand and disgraceful. It was.

Stroud Fringe Festival

P.A. Hire

CO-Director. Treasurer

Created by Sue Torres and Sue Bearder – alongside a raft of the most vibrant and dedicated people, the SFF became a major festival player in the West Country (and indeed England) . Over the years of my involvement as an organiser, 1998 – 2003, it burst out of its local identity and broadened its artistic input to include many big artists. It was also a very ‘fun’ festival to help run – the volunteer staff were amazing.

Stroud Blues and Beyond Festival

2004 – 2005

P.A Hire, Director

Atmosphere Festival 2005

P.A.Hire , Director

A planned festival at Berkeley Castle that gave scope to running an annual outdoor festival, to replace our input at Stroud Fringe. A tricky birth with a number of stumbling blocks during setup, and it became a single project, under the umbrella of ‘Wicked Events’. (Sue Torres). The event was a great success, great weather and a fine turn out, but not to be repeated.

Trematon Festival

P.A. Hire , Director

Held in at a country house just over the Tamar river in Cornwall, this weekend festival became the last that I wholly organised.