Gloucester based music facilitator – mid ‘1980’s

From the start of work in the Studio, it became clear that there was a wealth of talented musos located across the region – who were not being able (or adept enough) to be seen and heard.

Having spent some time building up my own bands contacts (X-Pupils) in the area, it seemed only sensible to try and use these to better the music scene if possible. Seemingly it worked a bit, and for want of making things look a little less like some sort of kitchen sink brigade, just called it Lakeside (a road in Newent ,Glos) Rock Management.

If bands used the studio and the offerings were excellent, i would try and help get them some coverage in the paper and on Severn Sound – the local commercial station. This eventually led to various bands being sent around the country playing shows and generally losing money (i was not paid for this role – i claimed any support from either p.a. hire of studio fees) – but it generated a big local buzz for many of the artists and helped provide local venues for performing.

Bands included included: Four Design, Life Studies, Custom Software, Laugh in Fear, Virgin Soil, (see separate pages for all 5)The Patrol, Outboys, and a host of others.