Unique original hand crafted sand, shell, seaweed, pebble and shoreline ephemera as framed, hung pictures/installations.


Shoreart is the brand name encompassing the work of John Eeles; the original presentation of the view of the seabed from above, and contemporarily designed sea ephemera artwork.

John was absent for some time from the attractions of fettling with crafty art stuff. This has now changed, given his retirement from his previous work within the entertainment world. (If you’re interested, find all the back story in ‘Archive John’!) Now that he has hung up his ears, much of his time is spent taking shoreline walks, collecting ideas, imaginations and items to craft with.

For over 40 years Mr J. careened across the UK and the world enveloped in the entertainment industry, fiddling with knobs and faders, managing festivals, sites and any number of varying projects whilst annoying musicians and promoters with his boxes and strange language, under the guise of ‘Spadger’.

In the late 90’s and early noughties, he became helplessly embroiled in a nutty plan to see if it would be feasible to create the ‘seabed’ view, in a form that could be ‘artistic’ (laughing emoji). Early success went to his head  after a single punter paid him some legal tender, leading to him setting about creating such visions as to be credible for actually selling!

Success! Shops in various places accepted and sold these wares, and a plan to continue to operate as a proper person in an artistic way was planned….

However, along came an opportunity to once again get distracted by the music business, and it has taken another 13 years to find his way back to the paste table!

All the pictures are individually hand crafted, signed, named or numbered somewhere, and all feature the Shoreart logo of a crab in some way.

Works have been exhibited and sold across the U.K, and more recently locally at the Burton Art Gallery Christmas Exhibition (2022-23), Bideford, Devon and the RNLI Artwork show in Instow, Devon in aid of the RNLI.

Previously works have been sold from galleries across the South West (Appledore/St Ives/Teignmouth++) and the Highlands of Scotland (Applecross/Plockton++)

In hope you may enjoy looking at the offerings – all are for sale (if not sold previously). They come in many different sizes

Thanks for coming by and enjoy……


I have been most unsuccessful at using any form of ‘mail’ to deliver any of the pictures – not surprisingly they are very fragile to the usual bumps and grinds of postal deliveries.

To obtain any of these pictures, it would be best to either find them in a shop (list of which sell these will follow) or contact me directly and we will try and arrange a careful pigeon post or meet up?!


Commissions are happily accepted, small or large, using material s you supply, or from my collection. Just contact me!

1094 ‘CROW POINT COLLECTIVE’ (50X50CM) £185.00

A Gallery of unique creations:

Some of the pictures that have been crafted recently……