Music Agency

1994 – 1996 (in Glos) ++

Set up by John and KIT BAILEY in late 1993, the Agency wanted to focus on a more holistic and visioned way of working with artists – perhaps a little more like being managing agents – and looking after more than just the ‘bookings’.

From the outset the agency was blessed by the approach to agency work Kit had already built up, whilst with the highly the regarded ‘Adastra’ booking agency from Yorkshire. Daughter of legendary folk singer Roy Bailey, Kit bought to the agency a select number of brilliant musicians, which provided promoters with an immediate focus to be in contact with us from the very beginning. Alongside working with these heavyweight artists, the agency was determined to present new and differing artists who we saw as being modern and different from within the folk and acoustic music world. I believe we did that extremely competently.

The list of artists that we worked with was never huge, but very select, and all went on to become household names within the folk world. The agency looked after and built the careers of a number of artists now seen as luminaries and mold breaking – Shooglenifty, Eliza Carthy and Nancy Kerr, The Chipolatas, Deiseal and Brendan Power to name but a few……